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What our customers are saying.
Dollar Store Services treats you like family, they really cared about my future and my success and I loved that. I will definitely use them again when I open my next store! — Owner – My Dollar, Video Testimonial
From finding the location to flying in a locator to negotiating a great lease deal. Dollar Store Service’s Real Estate Department was the key to us getting this awesome location! — Owner – The Dollar Store, Video Testimonial
I was amazed at the quality of the merchandise specifically the quality of the jewelry which was all stuff I’d buy for myself! — Owner – Dollar Power, Video Testimonial
The efficiency, the training, the great products, pretty much everything impressed me about my experience with Dollar Store Services! — Owner – My Dollar, Video Testimonial
If I had to rate the customer service from 1-10 I would definitely say 10! — Owner – My Dollar, Video Testimonial
The training program was very effective, very efficient, very helpful, all my questions were answered and we learned a ton! — Owner – The Dollar Store, Video Testimonial
The lease that Dollar Store Services negotiated on our behalf was I believe one of the best term leases I’ve ever seen in my 30 years as a business owner. — Owner – True Dollar, Video Testimonial
The build-out process happened very quickly. Every day we walked in I thought wow, I can’t believe how much has been done. When they say 5 days they mean it! — Owner - Citrus Dollar, Video Testimonial
When Dollar Store Service’s Real Estate Department located our store site they negotiated the lease for us. We had a fantastic lease agreement and Dollar Store Services made that happen! — Owner - Citrus Dollar, Video Testimonial
Customer service was wonderful from beginning to the end of the process. — Owner – Dollar Power, Video Testimonial
We had retail experience, but not as owners. The training program really went a long way to making us feel really comfortable with everything. — Owner - Citrus Dollar, Video Testimonial
They are always there and available for me and that’s important. — Owner - Citrus Dollar, Video Testimonial
I was amazed at the build out process and was in awe at how they got it done in 5 days! — Owner – True Dollar, Video Testimonial
I’m very impressed with the ongoing training. I believe that is key and we have tapped that resource to our benefit. — Owner – True Dollar, Video Testimonial
The Build-Out of my store was very efficient. In fact, it was completed one day before they said it would be! — Owner – My Dollar, Video Testimonial
The variety and quality? I’m shocked, very pleased with the products in the store. Could they be better? I don’t believe so. The quality is great and definitely puts us above our competition! — Owner – The Dollar Store, Video Testimonial
Dollar Store Services answered all our questions and made sure that all of our team was ready to open the dollar store! — Owner – Dollar Power, Video Testimonial
The efficiency, the speed, the process, from the time of our initial deposit two months ago to standing in our own store open for business – I can hardly believe it! — Dollar Store Owner – True Dollar, Video Testimonial
I would recommend Dollar Store services because they are consistent and do what they say they will do and when they say they will do it! — Owner – Dollar Power, Video Testimonial
I’m impressed with the layout, and I can’t tell you how impressed I am with all these products! Every isle has something I want to purchase. — Owner – Dollar Power, Video Testimonial
All I can say is “WOW”, it’s everything that I thought it was going to be – the store looks wonderful! — Owner - Citrus Dollar, Video Testimonial
The store turned out beyond our expectations we love it! — Owner – The Dollar Store, Video Testimonial
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