1. Dollar Daze Dollar Daze

    “The build-out supervisor, Jim was great to work with. He was knowledgeable and treated the store as if it were his own. Thank you Dollar Store. ”


  1. Dollar Coins Dollar Coins

    “We are very happy and satisfied with the training. Gary is a very helpful and cooperative person.”


  1. Him's Dollar Store Him's Dollar Store

    “The build out work went very well and was ahead of schedule. I’m happy with the results!”


  1. Ohana Dollar Store Ohana Dollar Store

    “Mahalo for sending Jarrett out to get us going. He is the best. ”


  1. Dollar Smart Dollar Smart

    “Fast and very professional, we got the job done. The store looks great!”


  1. Dollar Mart Dollar Mart

    “Jeff did a very nice job. I’m really happy about it!”


  1. Carney Dollar Smart Carney Dollar Smart

    “Store looks great! Jim did a great job, very pleased with results.”


  1. Dollar Heaven Dollar Heaven

    “The whole support staff was great, the training was to the point and very well instructed.”


  1. P1030793 Lester's Dollar Frenzy

    “Jim is the man.”


  1. A-Z Dollar A-Z Dollar

    “Great working with Jeff. Best job he has done. We are really thankful. Thank you!”


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What our customers are saying.
I would recommend Dollar Store services because they are consistent and do what they say they will do and when they say they will do it! — Owner – Dollar Power, Video Testimonial
I was amazed at the build out process and was in awe at how they got it done in 5 days! — Owner – True Dollar, Video Testimonial
I was amazed at the quality of the merchandise specifically the quality of the jewelry which was all stuff I’d buy for myself! — Owner – Dollar Power, Video Testimonial
The efficiency, the training, the great products, pretty much everything impressed me about my experience with Dollar Store Services! — Owner – My Dollar, Video Testimonial
I’m impressed with the layout, and I can’t tell you how impressed I am with all these products! Every isle has something I want to purchase. — Owner – Dollar Power, Video Testimonial
Dollar Store Services answered all our questions and made sure that all of our team was ready to open the dollar store! — Owner – Dollar Power, Video Testimonial
The efficiency, the speed, the process, from the time of our initial deposit two months ago to standing in our own store open for business – I can hardly believe it! — Dollar Store Owner – True Dollar, Video Testimonial
The build-out process happened very quickly. Every day we walked in I thought wow, I can’t believe how much has been done. When they say 5 days they mean it! — Owner - Citrus Dollar, Video Testimonial
From finding the location to flying in a locator to negotiating a great lease deal. Dollar Store Service’s Real Estate Department was the key to us getting this awesome location! — Owner – The Dollar Store, Video Testimonial
The store turned out beyond our expectations we love it! — Owner – The Dollar Store, Video Testimonial
Dollar Store Services treats you like family, they really cared about my future and my success and I loved that. I will definitely use them again when I open my next store! — Owner – My Dollar, Video Testimonial
I’m very impressed with the ongoing training. I believe that is key and we have tapped that resource to our benefit. — Owner – True Dollar, Video Testimonial
The Build-Out of my store was very efficient. In fact, it was completed one day before they said it would be! — Owner – My Dollar, Video Testimonial
If I had to rate the customer service from 1-10 I would definitely say 10! — Owner – My Dollar, Video Testimonial
The lease that Dollar Store Services negotiated on our behalf was I believe one of the best term leases I’ve ever seen in my 30 years as a business owner. — Owner – True Dollar, Video Testimonial
Customer service was wonderful from beginning to the end of the process. — Owner – Dollar Power, Video Testimonial
When Dollar Store Service’s Real Estate Department located our store site they negotiated the lease for us. We had a fantastic lease agreement and Dollar Store Services made that happen! — Owner - Citrus Dollar, Video Testimonial
The variety and quality? I’m shocked, very pleased with the products in the store. Could they be better? I don’t believe so. The quality is great and definitely puts us above our competition! — Owner – The Dollar Store, Video Testimonial
We had retail experience, but not as owners. The training program really went a long way to making us feel really comfortable with everything. — Owner - Citrus Dollar, Video Testimonial
They are always there and available for me and that’s important. — Owner - Citrus Dollar, Video Testimonial
The training program was very effective, very efficient, very helpful, all my questions were answered and we learned a ton! — Owner – The Dollar Store, Video Testimonial
All I can say is “WOW”, it’s everything that I thought it was going to be – the store looks wonderful! — Owner - Citrus Dollar, Video Testimonial
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