Discount Retail Store Services Announces Partnership with Veterans Business Resource Center

June 12, 2012, 11:56 a.m.

The partnering of the companies will help U.S. Veterans emerge from the military and become business owners.

Las Vegas, June 12, 2012: Discount Retail Store Services, North America’s largest developer of retail stores, today announced its plan to partner with Veterans Business Resource Center, a community-based economic development center that assists Veterans of the United States military in transitioning their military skills into small business and self-employment opportunities.

Heroes to Home

The Veteran Business Resource Center’s Hero To Home Program provides assistance and guidance to military members, their families and Veterans seeking to build small business clientele. They also assess skills and connect Veterans to alternative employment opportunities due to job elimination while deployed and identify replacement work due to conditions which make it impossible to return to previous employment. According to many Veteran program statistics, it takes an average of 6 months to actively participate in the transition ...

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