May 15, 2018, 8:59 p.m.

In a low cost and digital world, small business owners continue to make the same costly mistake; a generic and free email address. Not only does using a Gmail or Yahoo account scream lazy, it yells unprofessional.

An email address with your business name costs only a few dollars a month and showcases it to consumers as a highly professional small business. The importance of a small business owner taking a look at all areas of their business from a third party eye is key. Imagine yourself as a consumer viewing two different Dollar Stores and their contact email address. Are you more likely to do your business with or with A customized business email address allows the personalization of your name for your customers along with the professionalism of your business name ...


April 10, 2018, 10:22 a.m.

 One of Dollar Store Services newest Dollar Store owners has made national news in their Sacramento community and have unexpectedly become role models who are receiving an outpouring of business and support.

 In a news story about store owners on, the two young owners spoke about the impact that opening their Dollar Store has had on their lives and the lives of the young employees they have hired. Co-owner Terry Crowder who lost his Mother at the age of 9 and miraculously survived a car accident in which he was hit by an 18 wheeler only one week before turning 27, was quoted as how the new role model opportunity has given him the sense of purpose he had been looking for.

 Crowder opened the Dollar Store with co-owner Jerry Long on July 1, 2017. While ...

Black Friday Sales in Dollar Stores

Dec. 6, 2016, 7:43 a.m.

Black Friday has certainly lost some of its luster. This year it may even lose its title as the biggest shopping day of the year.

But one type of retailer is predicted to thrive this Thanksgiving week: dollar stores!

According to data from location tracking company Foursquare, discount stores, such as dollar stores, are gaining in foot traffic this year as Black Friday approaches. While most retailers are expecting a slump in foot traffic, Foursquare predicts that the number of visits to dollar stores this year will exceed the last two years.

Typically, discount stores don't experience the Black Friday boost that retailers like Macy's and Walmart rely on to increase sales, according to Foursquare. Dollar stores and other similarly deeply-discounted retailers usually gain momentum later in the holiday season.

But this year, dollar stores are predicted to pull off a Black Friday ...

Dollar Stores Are Taking On Wal-Mart And Winning

Feb. 20, 2014, 9:46 a.m.

Dollar stores are competing with major discount retailers like Wal-Mart. The surprising thing is that dollar stores are winning. Investors are cooling on the retail giant and the sluggish economy is making dollar stores an attractive destination. Dollar stores are stealing Wal-Mart shoppers and forcing Wal-Mart into the uncomfortable position of trying to innovate. What’s changed since their brilliant ascendancy to the top of the retail food chain?

The Budget Landscape is Shifting

One of the major factors is price and shifting demographics. As the recession has moved more former upscale shoppers into the budget bracket, they are foregoing Wal-Mart’s in favor of dollar stores. They prefer the product mix and atmosphere. Now that dollar stores are offering more national brands and consumables, customers can barely spot the difference. In fact, informal studies have found lower prices than Wal-Mart, long the discount king. If they can’t win the price wars, ...

The Essentials For Opening A Retail Business

Feb. 18, 2014, 8:15 a.m.

Opening up any retail business, even a small one, takes a lot of time and expertise. A large amount of research has to be done before it can be decided if the idea merits more research and planning. The following are just a few of the steps any entrepreneur looking to start their own small retail business will have to complete before they can open the doors.

Research is Key

Initial market research is the first step. Can the area support your store? Are there competitors nearby? If so, are they doing well? These questions need to be answered early in the process. When finding an actual retail space, there are several factors to keep in mind. Foot and car traffic in the area is important. So is the composition of the area businesses. Most small retailers need to be in a location anchored by a major business of some ...

Rescue Mission Gift Bag Event

Nov. 14, 2013, 8:37 a.m.

Discount Retail Store Services, a national retail store development company headquartered in Las Vegas, is gearing up to give back to the Las Vegas community during this holiday season.

Helping our Community

DRSS has identified and contacted key groups to partner with in this effort, such as Safe Nest, Shade Tree Shelter, The Las Vegas Rescue Mission, and "Tent City." The company will be preparing over 880 gift bags that will be distributed to those in need served by these organizations.

The various charities have provided their clients' needs by gender and age. The company's staff will be gathering this Thursday, December 16th, at 4 pm to assemble the gift bags with the requested items for those in need.

Something for Everyone

Special care is being taken to make sure that every recipient gets items most needed. "We have selected ...

Discount Retail Store Services Announces the Opening of Sarah's Dollar Store in West Valley

June 24, 2013, 11:49 a.m.

Newly-opened Sarah's Dollar Store now offers a wide assortment of everything from essentials to accessories at 3515 W 3500 S in West Valley. Sarah's Dollar Store is locally owned and operated by Sarah and Wesley Parry and offers traditional dollar store items plus a selection of unique merchandise, including baby items, balloons, batteries, candles, cleaning supplies, crafts, food items, frames, hardware, hair accessories, health and beauty products, housewares, jewelry, paper products, party supplies, pet care items, toys for all ages, office supplies, and much more.

"Everything is a dollar - or Less"

Sarah Parry, enthusiastically reminds that “Everything is a dollar – or less.” Due to an expansive wholesale supply network, the Parry's are able to offer merchandise of a higher quality than would normally be available for only a dollar. They are open daily from 9am till 8pm.

Working with the Pros

The Parry's contracted with Dollar Store Services ...

Dollar Store Industry Insider Discusses the Drastic Increase in Consumer Confidence in Light of New CEI Numbers

Nov. 13, 2012, 1:29 p.m.

Experian Marketing Services recently published a report showing large increases in consumer confidence throughout the year and heading into the holiday season. A dollar store insider discusses what impact it will have on the growing industry, DRSS reports.

Confidence is Up

Experian Marketing Services recently released numbers from their Consumer Expectation Index (CEI) which indicate a significant rise in consumer confidence throughout the year and heading into the holiday season. Many of the numbers are the highest they have been since before 2008 including the number of consumers expected to purchase a home in the coming year, or to buy or lease a new car. Almost across the board the numbers are better than last year including a 5% increase in those expected to refinance a home and a 2% increase in online shopping.

General Manager of Global Research for Experian Marketing, Bill Trancer, commented on some of the findings, ...

NRF Predicts a 4.1% Increase Over Last Year’s Holiday Retail Season, $586.1 Billion. Independent Business Developer Discusses What it Means for Dollar Stores

Oct. 17, 2012, 1:11 p.m.

National Retail Federation forecasts Holiday spending stronger than last year by over 4%. NRF Chief Economist calls the forecast “pragmatic” DRSS reports.

Holiday Boom

The National Retail Federation is America’s largest retail organization. Based in D.C. they predict that Holiday shopping for 2012 will increase significantly over 2011 increases, but that the jump in the increase is not as great as the previous years. Still good news for retailers and signs of an improving retail economy, Jack Kleinhenz, chief economist at NRF states that: “While moderate compared to what we experienced the last two holiday seasons, the forecast is a very pragmatic look at what to expect this year given the current rate of economic growth.”

Regional Predictions

Some of the issues which could have a negative effect on these numbers include if gas prices continue to rise and if job growth slows down, according to California The article ...

Is the Dollar Store the New Convenience Store?

Sept. 17, 2012, 1:45 p.m.

Studies show why dollar stores have grown in popularity. Experts discuss how retailers can continue this trend.

Dollar Store Economy

Recent studies have been bringing light to the emergence of the dollar store as a true competitor to traditional discount retailers like Wal-Mart. A piece in the New York Times claimed that we are in a dollar store economy, and some of the studies show that it may be more than the economy driving the popularity of dollar store. A large and increasing portion of dollar store shoppers include the middle class, at about 22 percent in the $70,000 and up income range according to the article.

Meanwhile some dollar stores are expanding their selection to include higher quality items and more perishables, allowing shoppers to skip the convenience store altogether, this according to a report by News Channel 5, an ABC affiliate.

Emerging trend

Experts from Dollar Store ...

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