Twitter Takes Social Media To Another Level Of Customer Service

May 16, 2017, 9:14 p.m.

All businesses know that social media has become a must use the platform in reaching customers. Twitter has now taken their site to another level.

Customers can directly message businesses through Twitter. In using this application, you can now request the location of your customers. Through this messaging,  businesses you can direct customers to their location, resolve any complaints, and take orders on the go.

The customer must allow their location to be enabled. Once enabled, they will receive a welcome message and contact with the business to help with all their needs;  it even offers customer feedback cards.

Twitter is promoting this feature as a way to provide the ultimate in customer service.

Other social media sites such as Pinterest are following Twitter’s lead of improving their apps. They are now offering an instant download option to share ...

Training For Success

May 14, 2017, 11:10 p.m.

Despite your passion, previous education, and knowledge; there is no such thing as being over prepared when opening your own business.

One of the many benefits with DRSS, is business training that is up to date. This is included in your business start up package with us.

Our information is crucial knowledge yet easily learned. We begin with on phone training, followed up by in store visits to assist you, and training at our Las Vegas headquarters. We will spend three days at your store prior to your opening to ensure you are fully arranged and primed for success from the day your doors open.

Businesses fail at a rate of 50% each year because they lack clear goals, proper training, poor customer service, the wrong team, and failure to heed professional advice. We at DRSS know what causes the ...

Location Location Location

May 11, 2017, 3:15 p.m.

All real estate experts know a business's location is one, if not the most important factor in determining it’s success.
With DRSS, your start up package includes our team of professionals experienced in all 50 states, seeking and securing the prime location for your business.
Real estate contract law is part of our in-house paralegal’s expertise. Without knowing lease laws, contracts, and clauses; a small business owner either puts themselves at risk signing documents or must hire the services of an attorney with real estate contract experience.
This is just one of the many services you receive when buying a startup business with DRSS. Your location and lease terms are crucial and again DRSS provides you the peace of mind and ideal location to make you a part of our over 4,000 thriving small business owners.
Call today to get your dream of your own business up and ...


May 8, 2017, 4:08 p.m.

Few of us haven't experienced it within the last ten years; a friend or social media follower soliciting you to join their multi-level marketing home based business. We cringe when we receive that call or message about this “ great opportunity.” It's no surprise so many people have bought into multi-level marketing. Studies show more than 70% of Americans want to be a business owner and these are enticing with their low startup costs. The downside is in order to be highly successful you must be at the top of the pyramid.

The other hurdle these types of businesses faces is the solicitation factor. Americans know what they want and deplore being pressured. The “hunter and gather” runs in our blood.

This is where Discount Retail Store Services has become the prosperous solution; turning the American Dream into the American Reality. DDRS started as a 99 Cent Store with customers ...


May 5, 2017, 11:16 a.m.

Bank of America recently released the results of a survey of small business owners from across the country, and the results are astounding !  Over  “… 50 % of the owners ( surveyed) expressed confidence that the local economy will continue to improve over the next 12 months”…, up from 37% in the fall.

Moreover,  “Another 52% of entrepreneurs surveyed conveyed similar confidence on the national level, while 35% expected global economic improvement.”

James Wichert, President and CEO of Discount Retail Store Services, North America’s  largest developer of retail stores for independent owners,  echoes these results, noting that “ Over the first four months of this year, we have had experienced the highest level of interest from individuals seeking to start their own businesses of any first four month period in recent history.  First time owners and current owners of other types of businesses ...


May 2, 2017, 2:59 p.m.


Of the many services provided by Direct Retail Store Services, is the most crucial; financing. Many people ignore their dream of business ownership due to their apprehensiveness of the dreaded financing process and lack of down payment.

Today we break down for you our financing program, that is just one part of your complete business module.

Rather than just providing you with the funds to open your store; we render 100% financing and additional working capital. We work with conventional lenders as well as non-conventional. In some cases we also offer FREE  credit repair services. In short, we take the fear out of financing and provide you the extra to launch your successful business; just as we've done for over 3,000 thriving stores. Fill out the form below and join our family of thousands of prosperous entrepreneurs.



Discount Retail Store Services Praises Executive Order that Reduces Small Business Regulations

Feb. 22, 2017, 10 a.m.

Jim Wichert, CEO of Discount Retail Store Services, praises President Trump’s executive order reducing regulations on small business. He calls it a “jumpstart” to new business startups, and says that his company has seen an uptick in business since the signing of the order.

“Immediately on the heels of the announcement of plans to ease the burden of government regulations on the nation’s small businesses, we have seen a dramatic increase in individuals reaching out to us to seek to start their own businesses,” says Jim Wichert, CEO of Discount Retail Store Services. “The number of inbound inquiries and the number of individuals contracting with us to develop one of our retail businesses for them is as high as it has been in our 24 years of business.”

And it’s not just Wichert’s company that is experiencing the rise in business—optimism in this sector is at an all-time high. ...

Discount Retail Store Services Announces Small Business Optimism Greatly Increased Since November Election

Jan. 25, 2017, 7:28 a.m.

Discount Retail Store Services, a national developer of retail stores for independent owners, is riding the crest of growing confidence on the part of small business owners and analysts nationwide as country heads into the Trump economy.

(PRWEB) JANUARY 25, 2017

A Wells Fargo survey of small business owners taken shortly after the election showed that over 46% felt the operating environment for their companies would improve next year; that compares to 30% two years ago after the midterm congressional elections. Over 50% of owners said that the incoming administration and congress would make their companies “better off,” according to the survey. (

Showing an increased confidence in the Trump economy, Discount Retail Store Services reports that in December alone, over 1,700 new prospective store owners contacted the company, and over 100 to date have contracted with the company to begin store development.


Discount Retail Store Services announces “Boots to Bosses” program to assist Veterans in opening their own businesses

Dec. 23, 2016, 9:28 a.m.

Almost half of American World War II Veterans became business owners and today sadly less than 5% of US Veterans become business owners. James Wichert, Owner and CEO of Discount Retail Store Services (DRSS) finds this unacceptable. “Those with military experience tend to be very disciplined, detail oriented and take direction well which makes them great potential business owners,” says Wichert.

Last century, a stunning 49.7 percent of World War II Veterans went on to own or operate a business, according to Syracuse University's Institute for Veterans and Military Families.

Nowadays, however, less than 5% of returning Veterans become business owners. So far, only 4.5 percent of the more than 3.6 million people who have served in the U.S. military since September 11, 2001, have launched a company, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

"The differences are so stark it's unbelievable," says Joseph Kopser, ...

Discount Retail Store Services Continues to Help the Las Vegas Community

Dec. 15, 2016, 12:54 p.m.

For over 8 years now Discount Retail Store Services (DRSS) has partnered with several local charities such as Shade Tree Shelter, Safe Nest, Las Vegas Rescue Mission, “Tent City, Opportunity Village, and various other charities in giving to those who need it most.

Over the years DRSS has given out thousands of gift bags during the Holiday season which include items such as gift cards, fruit snacks, deodorant, cheese crackers, toothbrushes, socks, scarfs, gloves, first aid kits and much more.

For the holidays this year DRSS provided over 500 gift bags to displaced children and moms at Family Promise, Homeless and at risk teens at the Nevada Home for the Youth, 90 gift bags for homeless students at Rancho High School and 450 gift bags for men, women and children at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission.

James Wichert, the CEO and owner of DRSS stated, “The response is always ...

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