The latest trend among women is saving. Bloggers have taken to the internet and sites such as Pinterest to tell other women that Dollar Stores are the place to buy over 100 items each month.

 What does that mean for a budding entrepreneur looking to start a small business? It means that starting a Dollar Store with the originating company means big profits. DRSS opened its first Dollar Store over twenty years ago.

 Dollar Stores Services assist you in securing financing, site location, store build out, training to open your business and ongoing training and support to keep your business going strong. We handle all lease negotiations with our team of real estate specialists to avoid you the costly mistakes. With Dollar Stores Services you get everything in one package and one place to join our current successful small business owners, that today is over 2,900. Start Today!

 We've stayed ahead of the game in small business since 1993 and continue to do so today. We were saving consumer’s money and helping entrepreneurs before it was cool.

Call us today to launch your own business.


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