It's that time of year again as students from pre-school to college, and even adults returning to achieve their degrees later in life head back to school.

School season is a year-round profit for Dollar Store owners and Discount Retail Store Services learned that over twenty years ago when we opened our first Dollar Store in Las Vegas, NV.  

The average American will spend $200 on elementary students just in the essentials to begin school. For Junior High parents that cost rises to $330 and for High School, parents will well exceed the $375 dollar budget. Add in parents sending their young adults or themselves back to school and the price is around 27 billion dollars.

Many lower income and even middle-class families struggle with these costs each year. In doing so where do they turn? Your independent Dollar Store. And while these figures are simply beginning essentials, the school year is a long one requiring restocking supplies, holiday school party needs, teacher gifts, and those college parents who after a money saving stop for dorm room needs, lovingly return to build affordable care packages for their student away at college, with everything from toiletries, school supplies, snacks, and that heartwarming greeting card to express their pride and I miss you to their young adult newly away from home.

With Discount Retail Store Services all-in-one business concept that includes the best training available for new small business owners, you will remain constantly up to date with ongoing support that ensures your customers are lifelong customers.

The school season has begun and the holidays are already beginning with the Halloween fanatics of all ages preparing for their celebrations. There is no better time to contact us today to ring in your New Year as a proud and successful small business owner.

 Discount Retail Store Services,(DRSS), North America’s largest developer of Dollar Stores, Party Stores, and Mailbox Stores and Business Centers has seen firsthand the incredible success of young business owners who have flourished with our all-in-one, 100% turnkey business concept we created over twenty years ago. With DRSS small business owners receive financing, site location for their store by our expert real estate staff, lease negotiation, the best training available, ongoing support, the best merchandising team to hand pick top quality items at the very best prices, and over 4,000 successful small business owners to date that proves our business concept can make you the next entrepreneur success story.

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