Discount Retail Store Services,(DRSS), North America's largest developer of Dollar Stores, Party Stores, and Mailbox Stores and Business Centers provides you every bit of knowledge, expertise, training, and ongoing support to ensure you the small business success we created over two decades ago in Las Vegas, NV when we opened the first Dollar Store.

Our business concept that has created over 4,000 successful small business owners is one that assists you in being attentive to every detail. The naming of your small business is of great importance. We ensure your logo is highly visible and our expert team is here to give you the guidelines that are key in naming your small business.

Be different. While this may sound simple enough, small business owners of a Dollar Store, Party Store, or Mailbox Store and Business Center tend to find themselves following the trend. Standing out is what makes sense. Using a name to fit in means you'll be spending your marketing dollars trying to stand out. Differentiate yourself, as for example Virgin Airlines has and your marketing of your store name only has to be done once.

Make your business name memorable yet never do so in making up words. According to, short and simple isn't the way to go when naming your small business either. Short names are less memorable while longer names give you freedom of expression. The right shorter name, however, can provide punch and allow for larger more impactful signage on your store front than can a longer name. also suggests not using your name as a business name. The days of doing such have passed, and should you ever decide to sell your business this makes it much more difficult.

Your business name is the introduction to your brand and business. Discount Retail Store Services knows there must be time, effort, and thought put into naming your small business.

With DRSS you are guided every step of the way to ensure small business success. Our all-in-one 100% turnkey business concepts provide you individual ownership of your small business while providing you financing, the perfect store location, lease negotiation by our expert real estate professionals, training that covers every detail to ensure your success, ongoing support, and an expert merchandising selection team that locates the highest quality items at the most savings to you.

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