While online stores compete for physical big box stores business, small store owners will maintain an edge over large, high-end stores by creating personal relationships with their customers.

Discount Retail Store Services has been staying ahead in the business marketplace since we opened our first Dollar Store in 1993 in Las Vegas, NV. Using our all-in-one 100% turnkey independent business concept we've gone on to assist thousands of successful Dollar Store, Party Store, and Mailbox Store and Business Center owners while becoming North America’s largest developer of all three.

We know how to make your small business a giant in your community. We've taken the time and tested methods to pass on to aspiring small business owners.

Social media runs today’s world, and DRSS will be there to help small business owners reap the benefit of operating a physical store alongside a strong online presence. Best of all, engaging your customers in your social media presence builds a strong rapport that leads them to do your advertising for you. The more engaged customers are with your business, the more they stay as committed customers. Good ratings and reviews by your customers promote confidence in your business and drive new customers to your store at no cost and time to you.

When building your free social media sites highlight your latest items and allow customer engagement via feedbacks and questions. Show multiple uses for your merchandise, constantly remind customers of the savings they'll receive at your Dollar Store, Party Store, or Mailbox Store and Business Center.

Reward customers who repeatedly share photos or leave comments by highlighting and thanking them on your social media sites. Keep your customers updated with any special events you may be planning at your business location.

Since the creation of Small Business Saturday in the United States, small business owners, and local community members have battled back against online shopping. More engaged customers’ means more profitable your small business will become. Use social media to be a thought-leader in the community you serve.

DRSS is here to put you on your way to owning your own business. DRSS provides financing, site location, lease negotiations, set up of your store, the best merchandise network, training, and ongoing research and support to keep you ahead of the competition.

Contact us today to be the next small business success story with DRSS.

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