NBC News reported on April 28,2017, the GDP has increased at only .7%, making this the weakest performance since the first quarter of 2014.

Although this seem disturbing to those who are extremely familiar with GDP growth; historically this is common in the first quarter of a new administration.  Businesses and investors tend to wait and watch to see how the incoming administration’s policies will impact their businesses.

The Trump administration has announced its intent to cut corporate taxes from 35% to 15% and details of this plan are pending.

What is the good news in slow GDP growth for those looking to start a retail business? Although slow, consumers still feel positive about the direction we are heading. If consumers are hesitating spending; despite a low unemployment rate, this makes it the perfect timing for opportunists to invest in a Dollar Store concept from DRSS. Consumers still have needs for products that cannot go away. What they are doing is searching for ways to best spend and stretch their earnings during this slow growth period.

In the future quarters, consumer spending will pick up as it has done throughout history. In the meanwhile, as they seek a way to cut their spending on the necessities and good they must purchase, those dreaming of owning a small business can profit from this by purchasing a Dollar Store concept from DRSS that covers every aspect of opening your business, starting with facilitating Business Financing (even credit repair if needed), Retail Site Location, Lease Negotiation, the ability to buy product at the lowest prices in the industry via their supplier network,  Store Buildout and business training; all under one roof.

The key to entrepreneurial success is knowing how to profit during slow and fast growth. DRSS has thirty years of knowledge and success stories to show we know those key factors and there is never a bad time to develop your own store with our company of top expertise.  All of the benefits of a franchise, and none of the restrictions !

Contact us today to get your highly successful small business launched and become part of The American Dream.

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