Just two days ago, The New York Times wrote an online article that interviewed immigrants who have become Dollar Store owners to provide a better way of life for their families in New York City.

In years past immigrants came here seeking restaurant jobs and jobs in the textile industry that were very low level, with gruesome hours, hard work, and little pay. Today many have chosen Dollar Store ownership to provide themselves and their families a better way of life and more family time together.

Discount Retail Store Services,(DRSS), the creator of the first ever Dollar Store that opened over two decades ago in Las Vegas, NV has proudly gone on to assist such immigrants in individual small business ownership with our all-in-one , 100% , turnkey business concept.

We created this concept to make the American Dream a reality for all Americans. We knew by having a business module that was affordable and covered every aspect needed to keep the American Dream alive, we were continuing the tradition our country was founded on.

With DRSS you can easily and affordability launch your dream of being a small business owner because everything needed is covered under one roof. We provide the financing, store site location, lease negotiation, the best and latest up to date small business training and ongoing support, as well as an expert merchandising team to hand select the best merchandise at the lowest cost available to you.

Small business ownership is a reality not a dream.

DRSS is North America's largest developer of Dollar Stores, Party Stores, Mailbox Stores and Business Centers and to date our business concept has helped create over 4,000 small business owners that were once dreamers.

Contact DRSS today to be the next small business owner living the American Dream!

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