Did small business owners successfully predict a Trump victory ?  Recent history says YES !  A (Manta) poll of small business owners taken after the first debate showed 58.7% believed Trump won the first debate.  Why ?, because they felt that Trump was sensitive to “Main Street” issues, had the most favorable tax plan, and was most likely to reduce regulations that burden small business owners.

Small businesses, such as Dollar Stores, represent 54% of all US sales, and provide 55% of all jobs, and have since the 70’s.  Trump clearly recognizes this, and his plans for re-vitalizing the economy involve de-regulation and freeing up funds for small business start-ups.

As our country begins to climb out of the slowest economic recovery in recent history, the time is ripe for small business start-ups; independent Dollar Stores are a key component of this group.  These businesses establish themselves quickly, can thrive in a variety of locations and environments, and provide real value to their shoppers.

Moreover, Dollar /Discount stores do well in all economies.  When disposable income is short; shoppers have to save money; when there is greater flexibility in spending, dollar stores remain attractive as shopping habits have changed.  The economic slowdown of the last decade has introduced millions of new customers to dollar / discount stores; as the economy improves, all indications are that they will continue to shop and save.

Over 60% of the  28 million small business owners voted in their state primaries and caucuses; no doubt their faith in a Trump presidency and economy drove them to the polls on November 8th, as well.

Written / Released by John LaFronz, General Manager, Dollar Store Services

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