Recent Gallup Poll shows 39% of American consumers feel pressured to spend more than they can afford at Christmas time. Despite setting budgets and spending limits most manage to exceed those goals while trying desperately to find quality gifts at an affordable price to cover all bases.

Since the entry of Dollar Stores concept into consumer shopping culture, they have quickly become the best outlet to satisfy the appetite of savvy shoppers without breaking the bank. Where else can you find all your gifts, party supplies, and decoration in one place while still have money left in your wallet?

For over two decades, Discount Retail Store Services has brought relief to that pressure on consumers, while creating a profitable business for you.

Our top rated merchandising network makes owning a 100% turn-key Dollar Store the ideal opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking to be part of an explosive Dollar Store market. We have closed the gap of saving Christmas shoppers money while making you large profits.

Discount Retail Store Services, DRSS, is North America’s largest developer of Dollar Stores. Since 1993 we have successfully added 2900 entrepreneurs in the United States and worldwide to open and operate their very own Dollar Store.

One call to DRSS will get you on your way to becoming an independent Dollar Store business owner. We provide you with every tool necessary; from financing, store site location, lease negotiations, building out your store, training and ongoing support to ensure a successful and longstanding business. Most importantly we save you costly franchise fees.

Contact Discount Retail Store Services today, in time to open your Dollar Store before the holiday rush and continue to prosper from the repeat clientele.

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