One mistake small business owners are thinking they don't need the extra holiday help as the retail giants do. They couldn't be more wrong.

There's a simple formula for determining if your small business should hire extra help during the holidays.

Let’s say your customer count increases by 10 percent during the holidays. Will you have the time and energy needed to help them all? What if there are more than expected? When will you get your own shopping done — or holiday parties or time with family?

Not having the extra help needed can force customers out the door and into the competitor’s store. That alone may be enough to keep those customers from ever returning.

Students are home for the holidays, stay at home parents in need of extra cash are constantly seeking seasonal employment. Make a win-win situation for your small business and them by looking well ahead of time and advertising for seasonal help.

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Since opening our first Dollar Store in Las Vegas, NV in 1993, we've used our highly successful business concept to create over 4,000 thriving small business owners. By providing the best up to date small business training and continuous support; we provide the financing, site location of your store, lease negotiation, and the best hands on merchandising network to provide your business the highest quality merchandise at the lowest cost to you.

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