Discount Retail Store Services (DRSS), North America's largest developer of Dollar Stores, Party Stores, and Mailbox Stores and Business Centers have put thousands of entrepreneurs on their path to business ownership for over two decades

One of the many services included in your small business startup concept with DRSS is top quality training to ensure your confidence is at its peak the day your store opens. This training keys in on what makes a strong small business thrive.

First impressions are key and as the old saying goes,” You get one chance to make a first impression.”

Understanding the importance of the first impression when people walk into your store and what draws customers inside your doors is part of the essential training you’ll receive when working with DRSS. Once our expert real estate team has located the ideal location for your business, DRSS will train you in making your store visually appealing to pull customers inside your store and keep them inside.

So what exactly is involved in a first impression that brings in customers, keeps them returning, and encourages them to make your small business a conversation piece? It all begins outside your store’s door with great signage that is highly visible and a visually appealing entrance and window displays that capture shoppers’ eyes.

Every new store receives a full array of everyday, seasonal and promotional signage which will attract shoppers into your store.  Once inside, it is essential that all items are placed to maximize companion sales, the aisles remain uncluttered and shoppers are always greeted with a smiling face available to assist.

Your promotional and seasonal posters serve as a reminder to your customers that they're purchasing up to date, quality merchandise that rivals those of high-end stores but with Dollar Store prices all while saving their hard earned money.

Personalized shopping experience and the lowest prices available is what makes your Dollar Store the local go-to business and talk of the neighborhood.

In one complete process, DRSS provides you with financing, site location, lease negotiation, store build up, training and an incredible network of merchandise suppliers to get you on your way to business ownership,


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