Celebrations are one of America’s most beloved traditions. From National holidays, graduations, Birthdays, Anniversaries, and major sporting events, the list is endless.

In 2016 Americans spent 15.5 billion dollars on Super Bowl celebrations. The average parent spends $450 on a child’s Birthday party. During slow or fast economic growth these celebrations are one thing that are here to stay.

Now is the time for you to join the party by opening your own Party Store through DRSS. With over thirty years of helping entrepreneurs open their own successful business, we are here to guide you to be the next. Owning your own Party Store is a fun and profitable business. DRSS  provides you with all the necessary tool and products, all in one package. With DRSS you’ll receive financing, site location, store buildout, extensive and ongoing training and support, lease negotiation, a team of real estate specialists, and a team of buyers who hand pick the trendiest, highest quality products at the best prices.

Contact DRSS today to get the party started in your life and own your fun, exciting, highly profitable Party Store.


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