Paying more for the same products is never a good deal.  “Shopping at dollar stores delivers Great Deals day in and day out” says John LaFronz, General Manager at Dollar Store Services.  More and more people are learning every day that dollar stores should be the first stop on your shopping day.  In a recent interview, James Wichert, President and CEO of Dollar Store services, commented that “There are incredible values in every category in our stores; our stores carry a wide assortment of brand name products and have the ability to introduce hundreds of new items every week !”

Jennifer Geddes, in an August 23rd article written for, echoes these sentiments.  Take a look at what she and other experts have to see about some of the key categories in dollar stores.  These are just a few of the value drive product categories you will find in our dollar stores.

  1. Household Cleaners

"The cleaners you buy at the dollar store work just fine, so pick up generic bathroom and kitchen sprays on the cheap," suggests money-saving expert Andrea Woroch, who cites information from the Good Housekeeping Institute.

This is especially true of bleach: "It's a one-ingredient cleaner—a store brand can't be made any differently from a name version," she points out.

Other great buys in the cleaning category: sponges, dish soap, and microfiber cleaning cloths.


  1. Party Supplies

If you throw lots of parties, the dollar store can be the best place to cover all your random needs. Whether you're planning a birthday feast, hosting a book club, or celebrating an event with a potluck, you can make good use of themed or colorful paper plates, cups, plastic silverware, and napkins galore.

These supplies all sell for less at dollar stores than at party retailers or even big-box chains such as Walmart or Target, notes Kendal Perez, a savings expert with CouponSherpa.

For example, a 16-pack of 9-inch-square red plates is $1 (or 6 cents a plate) at Dollar Tree, she says. At Walmart, a 20-pack of Hefty red plates is $1.98 (or 10 cents a plate).

Mylar balloons can garner the biggest savings, notes Carson Yarbrough, a consumer insights specialist at "These sell for five times (less at) dollar stores," she says.


  1. Holiday Decor

The dollar store can be a gold mine for holiday and seasonal decor. When autumn arrives, grab a bag of those adorably tiny foam pumpkins for just a dollar. Or spend the same on a can of shiny silver balls to pile into a bowl at Christmas.

"Dollar stores always stock holiday decor for much lower prices than other places," Yarbrough says.

Hit the aisles for bundles of candy canes, Santas galore, and yards of garland.


If you're a DIY-er, the dollar store can be your best friend during the holidays.

DIY blogger Jeanine Boiko, who's also a real estate agent in Wantagh, NY, makes her own seasonal wreaths. "I [also] stock up on faux black crows for Halloween designs," she says.


  1. Hard Back Books

Got new bookshelves, or eager to use books as decor? (We won't tell anybody you haven't actually read them all.) Sometimes your personal collection doesn't stretch to fill built-in shelves. Luckily, the dollar store is a good resource, especially if you enjoy finding tomes that have been signed by the author.

"I was rummaging through bins at my local (dollar) chain and came up with an autographed copy of a recent best-seller," Bates recalls. "Since signed copies can't be returned to the publisher, lots of novels end up here."


  1. Foil Pans & Roasters

These pans are great for roasting nuts, making brownies, and prepping veggies.

For Thanksgiving, Perez recommends heading to your local dollar store for some baking and serving pans.

Foil roasters with plastic lids are $1 each, compared with Walmart's two-pack of Hefty EZ Foil roasters with lids for $2.98, Perez says.

Prices can be 50% to 90% lower on similar kitchen products at dollar stores, Woroch adds. Stock up on these silvery wonders so you can bake (and freeze) ahead of the holidays.


  1. Kitchen Utensils and Accessories

Dollar shops are your best bet if you need just a couple more serving spoons or a new potato masher.

"You're unlikely to find a better price in a home goods store for one or two more red wine glasses or an extra set of plastic tongs," Perez adds.

While the selection might be limited, what these stores do offer is usually timeless in style, Perez says. Check out the kitchen section for plain sets of plates, classic flatware, and coffee mugs, too.

"When it comes to these basics, almost everything is a good buy...," Woroch notes.


  1. Candles and Air Fresheners

If you have a pet, you're well aware of the daily battle required to keep smells at bay. To make this task easier, hit up the dollar store.

"Why spend $5 to $6 for room sprays and plug-ins when you can pay much less?" Boiko asks. These home supplies are almost always in stock and are often the same name brands that you know well, she adds.

And when it comes to candles, simple white pillars and scented votives are smart buys.

"As colder weather approaches," she says, "I grab cinnamon and apple ones, which smell like fresh-baked pie or cookies."

Reflecting on his more than 24 years in the dollar store business, Wichert says, “Since opening our first highly successful Dollar Store, we have used our all-in-one 100% turnkey independent business concept to assist thousands of small business owners to achieve the same dream.”

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