One of the most difficult tasks a small business startup owner faces is locating quality

merchandise at a price that saves them thousands of dollars each year.

DRSS has this covered.  With over 24 years of experience, our highly skilled team and the

buying power of hundreds of stores ensure you will get the lowest price possible on the best

merchandise available.

Our buyers hand inspect and select the most popular and trendy merchandise for your

business. With DRSS you get a team of professionals who invest their time into doing all the

research and select the best products for you. Our standards are among the highest, yet keep

your cost at the lowest possible. This gives you the advantage of saving up to save up to 20%-

25% on merchandise purchases as compared to other small businesses that are learning this

by trial and error. We at DRSS succeed when you succeed and our over 4,000 flourishing

business owners are a testament to that.

Contact us today to get your highly successful small business launched and become part of The

American Dream.

Call us at 1-800- 518-3064

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