One of Dollar Store Services newest Dollar Store owners has made national news in their Sacramento community and have unexpectedly become role models who are receiving an outpouring of business and support.

 In a news story about store owners on, the two young owners spoke about the impact that opening their Dollar Store has had on their lives and the lives of the young employees they have hired. Co-owner Terry Crowder who lost his Mother at the age of 9 and miraculously survived a car accident in which he was hit by an 18 wheeler only one week before turning 27, was quoted as how the new role model opportunity has given him the sense of purpose he had been looking for.

 Crowder opened the Dollar Store with co-owner Jerry Long on July 1, 2017. While we at Dollar Store Services know from our over two decades of experience in assisting new entrepreneurs that a new store opening always brings excitement to a community, the overwhelming support for these young business owners has far exceeded the norm and their expectations.

 Dr. Nicole Clavo, a well-known Sacramento community leader who lost her own son to senseless gun violence said of the young owners, “They look like them, sound like them, been through some of the things they’ve been through. To know that, it only gives them hope they too can be successful.”

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