CNBC. COM did a recent article and interview with Ramit Sethi, a best-selling author, and CEO. The successful entrepreneur talked about the key elements of starting your own business, how to stop making excuses to take the leap, and the pitfalls to avoid.

One of his best pieces of advice when deciding which small business to embark on was “to scratch your own itch.” In short, what is missing in your area that you've often wished existed? How many times have you said to yourself,” I wish we had a…” This was the entire concept Discount Retail Store Services used in 1993 when we opened our first Dollar Store in Las Vegas, NV. We saw major retail stores selling items far above a reasonable price point and knew where quality items could be sourced and sold to consumers at only $1.00, and still have a small business that generated great income.

With our success, Discount Retail Store Services, (DRSS), went one step further by creating an all-in-one, 100% turnkey, and independent small business concept to help others achieve their dreams in one process.

We expanded and began the creation of Party Stores and Mailbox Stores and Business Centers. Today we are North America's largest developer of Dollar Stores, Party Stores, and Mailbox Stores and Business Centers. We have proudly and successfully aided over 4,000 people into small business ownership by providing everything necessary in one place and process. With DRSS, you receive financing, site location for your store, lease negotiation, the most up to date small business training, continued support, and the best merchandising network and the experts to source top quality items at the lowest cost to you.

So now the question remains, what's your itch? Which of our three small business concepts are lacking in your area or neighborhood?

Make today the day that you decide to scratch your own itch and set sail as an independent small business owner with the guidance of DRSS!
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