The US Postal Service and UPS have already begun thinking about the holidays as they recently announced there will be an increase in shipping costs. During the busy holiday season, shoppers are focused on saving two things; time and money.  Having a “one stop” alternative to spending time packing your gifts for safe shipping and being able to avoid long lines at the post office or UPS facility is always a great option, especially during the holiday season.  Mailbox & Business Center Developers can help you be that alternative!

This makes now the perfect time to open your Mailbox Store and Business Center with Discount Retail Store Services. We are North America's largest developer of Mailbox Stores and Business Centers.

As consumers scurry through the holiday season, doing their best to avoid the dreaded lines at Post Offices and other large shipping companies, we at DRSS can assist you in opening your independent Mailbox Store and Business Center that will draw in customers seeking a speedier and more personalized shipping experience. With our expert small business training, you will have the key components to keep the holiday customers returning year round.

As a Mailbox Store and Business Center, your business provides customers with more than just shipping. In one stop your business provides them shipping, printing copies of holiday letters, custom Christmas cards, and personal and business printing needs all year long.

 Discount Retail Store Services,(DRSS), North America’s largest developer of Dollar Stores, Party Stores, and Mailbox Stores and Business Centers has seen first-hand the incredible success of small business owners who have flourished with our all-in-one, 100% turnkey business concept we created over twenty years ago. With DRSS small business owners receive financing, site location for their store by our expert real estate staff, lease negotiation, the best training available, ongoing support, the best merchandising team to hand pick top quality items at the very best prices, and over 4,000 successful small business owners that proves our business concept is above the rest.

Contact us today to be the next small business success story with DRSS.

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