Every year since 2010, American Express and communities around the country have promoted SHOP SMALL on small business Saturday, the day after “Black Friday” which is the traditional kickoff of the holiday shopping season. Participation in, and recognition of this event has grown nationally every year since its inception.

Recently, Dollar Store Services, a nationwide dollar store developer with over 3,000 stores nationwide, encouraged all of their store owners to promote this annual event, and reach out to the local communities to support locally owned small businesses.

Small businesses, such as Dollar Stores, represent 54% of all US sales, and provide 55% of all jobs, and have since the 70’s. Moreover, over 60% of revenue from local businesses remains in their communities. This is much greater than the typical 43% for chain stores. Independent store owners understand how vital their businesses are to their communities; Small Business Saturday is a great opportunity to create awareness

Community support for small businesses is growing; customers like to shop "local". Early reports indicate that Dollar Store Services’ s stores enjoyed robust sales on Saturday, enjoying the support of their communities. Many stores offered “specials”, and provided complimentary beverages and snacks to shoppers.

John LaFronz
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