Though the holiday season is just embarking, with Halloween right around the corner; we at Discount Retail Store Services are always keeping up to date on consumer spending predictions.

Forbes recently reported consumer analysts have predicted American’s will spend 18.2 Billion dollars this year on Valentine's Day.

The celebration of Valentine's Day has evolved past the simple tradition of sweethearts exchanging gifts. Parents now purchase Valentine's gifts for their children, friends show their gratitude to one another, offices and small businesses display decorations and provide treats. Children continue exchanging Valentines and parties are celebrated as early as the preschool years.

With 18.2 Billion dollars up for grabs, now is the perfect time to open your own independent Dollar Store or Party Store through Discount Retail Store Services,( DRSS.) We are North America's largest developer of Dollar Stores, Party Stores, and Mailbox Stores and Business Centers.

After the creation of our first Dollar Store over two decades ago in Las Vegas, NV, we've designed an all-in-one individual business concept that has launched over 4,000 successful small business owners to date.

With DRSS you are provided everything needed to create your own small business and keep it flourishing. You will receive financing, site location for your store, lease negotiation, the best and most up to date small business training with ongoing support, and a top of the line merchandising team to source high-quality merchandise at the lowest cost available.

Through good times and bad, Americans have always continued to celebrate the holidays and special events.

It's time to make the call to DRSS as the holiday season is beginning and taste how sweet small business ownership is.

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