Central to President-Elect Trump’s plans for jump-starting the economy hold huge benefits for small business, both existing and start-ups. 

Reducing burdensome regulations (Trump’s Contract with the American Voter promises that for each new Federal regulation proposed, two must be eliminated), a more favorable tax plan that will foster growth and re-investment, and the potential streamlining of Obamacare will all provide small businesses with increased profit potential. 

“…More people are going to enter small business, more profits are going to be made.  This is exciting,” said, Jon Taffer, host of  “Bar Rescue”, told  Stuart Varney on FOX Business Network today.

The message is clear.  The path to independent business ownership is becoming more inviting; now is the time to invest in your personal and your nation’s future.


Written / Released by by John LaFronz, General Manager, Dollar Store Services


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