Over One Trillion Dollars, that's what Americans spent during the holiday season last year. At a growth of 8% from the previous year; and 2017 is projected to exceed that growth percentage. There's no question that holiday season is America’s favorite time of year.

From Halloween to Thanksgiving, and Christmas to ringing in the New Year; 93% of Americans will participate in celebrating parts or all of the holiday festivities. After all, it is the season of giving. A gift, that is.

As we end the holiday season by ringing in the New Year, we vow to make this a ” New Year- new me!”. This year keep that promise to yourself by opening one of our three small business concepts before the holiday rush and claim your share of the Trillion Dollars market.

Whether you are planning to participate in selling those gifts in your very own Dollar Store and Party Store or if you desire to cash in from shipping those gifts right from your own neighborhood Mailbox Store, DRSS has a solution that is tailored to your community's demographics and local competition.

Since 1995, Discount Retail Store Services has assisted over 4,000 individual entrepreneurs open stores throughout the United States, Canada, and worldwide. It is time for you to join DRSS’ family of small business owners and cash in from this holiday season’s booming market.

All three concepts are 100% turnkey business solution. We provide you with everything you need in one place without costly and unnecessary franchise fees. We take care of the financing, site location, lease negotiations, building out your store, small business training to ensure success, and ongoing support to maintain prosperity.

We are North America’s largest developer of Dollar Store, Party Store, Mailbox Store And Business Centers.

The holiday season will be upon us before we know it. Today is the perfect time to make that resolution to self-betterment and keep it by opening your own small business through DRSS and start profiting from the Trillion Dollar Season.

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