All businesses know that social media has become a must use the platform in reaching customers. Twitter has now taken their site to another level.

Customers can directly message businesses through Twitter. In using this application, you can now request the location of your customers. Through this messaging,  businesses you can direct customers to their location, resolve any complaints, and take orders on the go.

The customer must allow their location to be enabled. Once enabled, they will receive a welcome message and contact with the business to help with all their needs;  it even offers customer feedback cards.

Twitter is promoting this feature as a way to provide the ultimate in customer service.

Other social media sites such as Pinterest are following Twitter’s lead of improving their apps. They are now offering an instant download option to share mobile apps on user’s platforms.

Snapchat is now offering advertising for businesses on the once used the for fun app. In doing so they are reaching a larger audience of millennials.

Social media has proven itself as an effective marketing tool that creates more revenue for businesses. They are here to show businesses the only place they're going is further with their technological advances to benefit everyone.

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