Small business failure isn't uncommon. Most people starting a small business overlook many important key elements and spend high amounts of capital to open their business.

 This is where DRSS gives you the edge in opening and maintaining a successful business of your own. Everything you need to start a thriving business is provided by DRSS in your business startup package.

 We avoid you the hassles and pitfalls of financing, lease negotiations, site location, business training, store build out, and most importantly, we will provide the the highest quality merchandise at the best prices available in the industry,  to you.

 The difference between starting a business with DRSS verses starting one on your own is that DRSS will saves you time and money. Your success is our success.

 Since 1994 we've helped thousands achieve their dream of business ownerships that continue to thrive today.

      Call us today to be your own success story.



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