We’ve seen it, read about it, and as a nation, we've looked to our leaders for a solution. College graduates who have a mountain of student loan debt, a degree, yet can't find work in their field of study to make that time and financial investment all pay off.

 Entrepreneur magazine has one contributing writer/ entrepreneur who has discovered a solution; young people putting that capital into starting their own business instead. Jayson Demers, CEO, and founder of his own business explains why 20-30-year-olds have an advantage when it comes to opening their own business.

 Long term return. The younger someone starts a business, the more time they have to make long term profits. With the growth of a successful business, there is always the option with youthful energy to go on to open another, possibly several.

 That youthful energy he also sites as an advantage. While we always see the elder generation as more knowledgeable; youthfulness has it’s advantages. The enthusiasm and motivation that we carry in these early years can sometimes fade; thus taking advantage of that as soon as possible is a brilliant decision.

 Finally, adaptability is something the younger generation comes naturally equipped with. They not only ride easily with the constant changes in social media and technology; they thrive on them. This generation hasn't been exposed to the norms and the rules of the elder business generation; some of which are outdated for today’s business owner. This makes it less likely for them to get stuck in outdated ideals and embrace the new era of business principles that lead to success.

 We at DRSS have kept up on those changing trends and ideals since we began in 1992. With the spirit, motivation, and skilled vision that our 25 years of experience provides, both 20-30 year olds and more mature prospective store owners can team with our expertise and 100% turnkey  business startup packages.   Young or mature, this is every entrepreneur’s perfect opportunity to achieve small business ownership. Join our over 4,000 successful business owners by calling us today and having DRSS lead your way to years and years of small business success.


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