Discount Retail Store Services would like to announce their annual “Christmas Gift Bags” drive has begun and to invite the local community to participate in this year’s event.

A Tradition of Giving

Discount Retail Store Services, a small local business development company, holds a “Christmas Gift Bags” charity drive each year in order to provide Las Vegas’ most needy with essentials and gifts in order to make their Holiday Season a little brighter. Last year they were able to raise just over six thousand dollars in gifts including clothing, bathroom products, food, toys and clothing for babies and kids, school supplies, books, and much more. Recipients ranged from low income families to the homeless. Included on the list were shelters, rescues, and schools with high poverty and homeless rates. The list of recipients for this year has not yet been finalized but the focus is to remain on the neediest within Las Vegas.

Helping Hands

The Holiday Season may be a time of celebration for most, but it can also be a time when those without feel the hardship of poverty even more sharply. Las Vegas is currently ranked fourth in the nation in terms of homelessness per capita at 50 per 10,000, many of these are children, families, and veterans, and Las Vegas ranks twelfth overall in total homeless population even though it is only 30th in terms of size—this according to a news story from KLAS-TV Channel 8, citing the Homelessness Research Institute in Washington, D.C. Even more common in the Las Vegas Valley are the underemployed, the working poor, and the impoverished. The poverty threshold is currently estimated at $23,050 per year for a family of four, that is only $442 a week for rent, food, clothing, school supplies, and everything else a family needs, and there are many who fit within this category.

Lofty Goals

This year Discount Retail Store Services plans to give back even more than the previous year, aiming for over $10,000 in essentials and gifts. Employees have already started giving and are confident the goal can be reached. While “Christmas Gift Bags” is an inner-office charity drive, anyone who would like to donate is more than welcome to.

Help Us Give Back

For those interested, donations can be dropped off at 5075 Diablo Drive Suite 200, Las Vegas, NV 89118 during regular business hours. You can call ahead of time at 1-800-272-7177. Only non-perishables, new clothing, and toys can be accepted. Other local charities that benefit the Las Vegas area that may be of interest to anyone who wants to donate this Holiday Season include Three Square, Opportunity Village, Shade Tree Shelter, the Las Vegas Rescue Mission, Nevada Home for the Youth, Family Promise, and Safe Nest, all wonderful causes that DRSS has had the opportunity to be involved with.

Discount Retail Store Services is committed to helping entrepreneurs start a successful business through their proven business development system and their six business models; Dollar Stores, Mail Box Stores, Teen Stores, Party Stores, Clothing Stores, and Fitness. DRSS is equally committed to helping as many of our neighbors as possible enjoy this time of the year a little bit more.

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