Veteran’s Day is Sunday, November 11 and in honor of past and present soldiers Discount Retail Store Services would like to inform military and friends and family of the military of their $1,000 discount on store ownership.

Helping Veterans Succeed

Dollar Store Services is a member of the Heroes to Home Program which is sponsored by the Veterans Business Resource Center. The Heroes to Home Program offers veterans support in a number of areas including career placement and in helping to identify quality entrepreneurial opportunities for veterans. This is a vitally important function. Studies have shown that it can often take up to 6 months for a veteran to transition back into a civilian lifestyle even though our military is uniquely skilled and incredibly qualified for all manner of positions.

Deep Discounts

In acknowledgement of Veteran’s Day, Sunday, November 11, Discount Retail Store Services wants to thank all of the current and future veterans for their service. Many or our store owners are veterans and we hope more will see success with our company. We offer a $1,000 discount for veterans on the initial starting price for any one of our business models. If you are a veteran who has thought about starting a business, or if you know one who may be interested, please refer them to our website to find out more about owning business.

For information about the Veterans Business Resource Center please visit or contact Darcella Craven at craven(at)vetbiz(dot)com.

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