Easter isn't just another holiday for your small business. It's quickly becoming one of the most lucrative, behind Christmas. Last year, Americans spent over $16 billion on Easter shopping!

That number is too big to ignore, and now is the time to get started working on your marketing campaign. A good Easter promotion can get your company noticed, drive in new traffic, and strengthen your relationship with existing customers. Here are some ideas to get you started thinking about how to make the most of this holiday season.


You can liven up any otherwise drab marketing effort with colorful and fun Easter imagery. The bunny theme is cute and appealing. If you can't do anything else, at least refresh your old ads to reflect the holiday.

Now is the perfect time to start promoting Easter cards and of course all kinds of candies. The market for these items is huge, and the buying frenzy over the next few weeks means great revenue. Don't get left out!

Try a basket bundle! Customers fill an Easter basket with your products and get a discount for buying a big bundle. You earn valuable sales, the customer gets a good deal, and it's fun!

Easter Spirit!

Show off Easter spirit by decorating your store. Over 80% of Americans celebrate Easter, so the appeal is very broad. Set the mood for Easter shopping with fun decor.

Take decoration to the next level by dressing up. Wherever there's an Easter bunny, there's sure to be kids, and wherever there are kids on Easter, there's sure to be some candy and toys to be sold.

Giving out Easter stickers (like the kind to be put on colored eggs) is an inexpensive and fun way to connect with customers and give them a small token of appreciation. Speaking of "cheep" tricks to get noticed, don't forget to work in some of the favored puns available, like an "egg-citing" event or "egg-stra" savings.


Have a contest! The classic egg hunt always draws a crowd, but use that as a starting point and get more creative with it. Maybe hide some coupon-eggs around your store and let your customers search them out.

There's no wrong way to give away freebies, so start with the idea of a simple prize drawing. Maybe have entry tickets hidden around the store in eggs that you replenish throughout the day.

Think big! Get together with some other local businesses and form a "bunny trail" of spots to stop at throughout the day. If your idea is fun and engaging, all the businesses involved will help each other meet some new customers. Be ready to greet them with something they'll remember.

Whatever you choose to do, just remember that Easter is not just a passive holiday for business. There's a whole lot of shopping to be done, so hop to it and get started thinking about how you can get customers' attention!

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