Jim Wichert, CEO of Discount Retail Store Services, praises President Trump’s executive order reducing regulations on small business. He calls it a “jumpstart” to new business startups, and says that his company has seen an uptick in business since the signing of the order.

“Immediately on the heels of the announcement of plans to ease the burden of government regulations on the nation’s small businesses, we have seen a dramatic increase in individuals reaching out to us to seek to start their own businesses,” says Jim Wichert, CEO of Discount Retail Store Services. “The number of inbound inquiries and the number of individuals contracting with us to develop one of our retail businesses for them is as high as it has been in our 24 years of business.”

And it’s not just Wichert’s company that is experiencing the rise in business—optimism in this sector is at an all-time high. Louis Sola, founder and CEO of Evermarine, told Yahoo Finance’s Melody Hahm last week that “Trump’s plan to lower the business tax rate from 35% to 15%” will be a key to small business growth and development. Sola also indicated that he believes that the President’s move to slash regulations will be a “boon” for small businesses, saying, “Small businesses have only so many hours a day to be productive, and too much is spent on regulations. Unlike government or corporate America, we need to be efficient or we close the doors.”

Wichert echoes this, saying that, “In training our new store owners, we spend a significant amount of time reviewing the minefield of governmental requirements—from the burdens of the Affordable Care Act to figuring out which municipalities have banned the use of plastic or paper merchandise bags! This time would certainly be better spent discussing how to grow a new business, so that hiring new employees and creating jobs would, and should, have a much higher priority.”

In an interview with NBC news, Adam Robinson, founder of Hierology, said, “I testified in front of the House Small Business Committee on the issue of Department of Labor changing the threshold at which non-exempt employees are eligible for overtime. I told them if this overtime regulation had been in place [when I started my business], I literally could not have hired my first employee.”

President Trump’s announcement of plans to modify ACA, loosen regulations, and simplify the tax code has many small businesses feeling optimistic. Beth Zoller, legal editor at XpertHR, told NBC that she looks forward to enhanced opportunities for small businesses, saying, “President Trump will aim to reduce the regulatory burden on employers,” and that “small employers will see significant benefits to this as it will result in a savings of money, time, and resources. The economy could also grow as a result.”

Steve Silberbert, owner of Fitpacking, pointed out to NBC that a recent report indicated that “the average small business owner is spending at least $12,000 every year dealing with regulations.” Overall, Wichert has a very positive view of where our economic climate will be in the near future. “Based on the changes in economic policy and a ‘business friendly’ climate dawning in Washington, I can’t imagine that there could be a better time to look to establish your own business. Owning a business of your own is the ultimate American Dream, and this is what my company does every day.”

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Discount Retail Store Services offers a 100% turnkey solution to assist people in opening their own businesses. They have opened nearly 4000 independent retail stores in 8 different countries since 1993. The store concepts they specialize in are dollar stores, party stores, mailbox & business center stores, clothing stores, teen stores and frozen yogurt shops.

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