Few of us haven't experienced it within the last ten years; a friend or social media follower soliciting you to join their multi-level marketing home based business. We cringe when we receive that call or message about this “ great opportunity.” It's no surprise so many people have bought into multi-level marketing. Studies show more than 70% of Americans want to be a business owner and these are enticing with their low startup costs. The downside is in order to be highly successful you must be at the top of the pyramid.

The other hurdle these types of businesses faces is the solicitation factor. Americans know what they want and deplore being pressured. The “hunter and gather” runs in our blood.

This is where Discount Retail Store Services has become the prosperous solution; turning the American Dream into the American Reality. DDRS started as a 99 Cent Store with customers inquiry about opening a store of their own. We created a business, had a flourishing clientele, and one wanting a business of their own.

With DDRS your business is financed, we locate the site, negotiate the lease, provide store buildout, wholesale merchandise network, and ongoing services for the life of the business. Everything you need is constructed, packaged, and supported by us to launch your own enterprise. Fill out the form below to stop dreaming and start doing.

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