Your employees are key to your business' success. They're the contact point with your customers and as such, they define your brand and customer experience.

It can be a challenge for a small business owner to keep employees content and productive. Obviously you can't offer the same benefits that a giant company can, but by considering employee needs, you can make them feel like part of a team.

By keeping your employees happy, you'll see improvements in many aspects of your business. Here are some suggestions to get started.

Empower Your Employees

Giving your employees more responsibility is a great way to motivate them. By giving employees ample opportunities to use their skills, you help them feel more connected and committed to their work.

Offer Them Perks

You don't have to have the budget of a big corporation to offer financial incentives that will motivate employees to be more productive. By creating incentives you can turn important business objectives into a kind of game. This will yield success both in terms of the results and employee morale.

Make Sure They Know Their Work Matters

When employees can see that their everyday activites directly effect the big picture, they tend to be more motivated. When you give a task to an employee, make sure you communicate why it matters to your company. Always stress how everyone has an important role to play in the mission.

Stop Micro-Managing

It's a common trend for small business owners to micro-manage, since they probably started out doing everything at the beginning. However, there comes a point where your business can no longer grow by your efforts alone. Constantly watching over people demotivates them and stunts their growth, since they'll always be looking to you for direction.

Recognize Their Efforts

Not surprisingly, frequent recognition correlates with employee satisfaction. You could run an Employee of the Month program, but even a simple "thank you" or "nice job" can make a difference in showing your appreciation.

Make Quality Of Life A Priority

Too much work leads to stress and lowered quality of life. Your business can improve morale and productivity by respecting employees' life away from work. Flexible policies or condensed workweeks can help employees balance their home and work lives.

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