A Healthy Trend of Growth

While consumers around the world have become more health conscious in recent years, they are unlikely to ever lose their sweet tooth. The exploding popularity of frozen yogurt franchises brings this dichotomy into sharp focus. Yogurt fits into the ice cream market while providing a trendier and healthier alternative. The non-fat, low calorie treat has been gaining popularity while ice cream shops are on the wane. The decline of stores like TCBY in the late 90s appears over, and many new franchises are stepping in to tap the market which saw annual revenue growth of 21% over the past five years. The yogurt is tastier, offering unique new flavors and toppings to their growing customer base, and this trend is turning into a boon for investors looking for high-margin products.

Happy Owners and Happy Customers

The International Franchise Association reported that franchise establishments in general would shrink by 10,000 in 2009. At the same time, they reported that frozen yogurt would see an increase. Frozen yogurt is a great place for investors to look when deciding on a new business. They are trendy stores with a large and growing consumer base. Most are self serve and require less employees and management overhead. And the product is so malleable that they can constantly provide customers with new flavor experiences to keep them coming back for more. The self-serve aspect also feeds customer desire to be in control of what they eat, and allowing them to make choices like flavor and topping mix gives them a better ability to flex their creativity, making a yogurt store a hot spot for customers interested in personalizing their treats.

There's Always Room for More Yogurt

The big franchises have already saturated some major markets, yet they still see plenty of room for growth into new areas. Yogurt stores can go anywhere, from strip malls to shopping centers to food courts. You can even pair them with coffee shops or movie theaters. Franchisers don’t have to be the only ones making money in the expanding markets. Franchises are not for everyone. Buying into a franchise is expensive, with a long list of rules and ongoing fees. Frozen Yogurt Store Developers, a DRSS concept, offers a better choice for the independent entrepreneur. For a one-time fee, they will help you with all the major areas of expertise that franchises offer, such as real estate, financing, ongoing training and support. Even better, you get to be the boss of your own custom store and keep all of your profits.

The Retail Experts

DRSS brings more than 20 years of experience opening independent retail establishments to all of their clients. They have opened stores all over the world, and have the knowledge base to put clients in the best possible situation to succeed. DRSS offers an entryway into a fast-expanding market for investors of every level, and are especially adept at training new entrepreneurs making their first foray into store ownership.

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