For over 8 years now Discount Retail Store Services (DRSS) has partnered with several local charities such as Shade Tree Shelter, Safe Nest, Las Vegas Rescue Mission, “Tent City, Opportunity Village, and various other charities in giving to those who need it most.

Over the years DRSS has given out thousands of gift bags during the Holiday season which include items such as gift cards, fruit snacks, deodorant, cheese crackers, toothbrushes, socks, scarfs, gloves, first aid kits and much more.

For the holidays this year DRSS provided over 500 gift bags to displaced children and moms at Family Promise, Homeless and at risk teens at the Nevada Home for the Youth, 90 gift bags for homeless students at Rancho High School and 450 gift bags for men, women and children at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission.

James Wichert, the CEO and owner of DRSS stated, “The response is always overwhelming, every year just about the entire staff volunteers to assemble and distribute hundreds of gift bags for those in need. We purchase all the items needed from our various suppliers around the country. As we have been doing this for many years now we often get calls from our suppliers around this time of year asking if they can be part of the giving.”

John LaFronz, General Manager of Dollar Store Services, one of the several companies under the DRSS umbrella, has hand-delivered hundreds of these gift bags in person over the years. LaFronz noted, “Seeing the sincere gratitude in the faces of so many of the men, women and children we give to means so much and makes it worth the effort.”

Special care is being taken to make sure that every recipient gets items most needed. "We have selected items specifically for boys and girls under 4, aged 4-8, 9-13, and teenagers. We have separate assortments for men and women," said Wichert. "We want to make sure that as many people as possible receives items that are most useful. More importantly, we want them to know that someone cares."

Many years ago we started giving to Rancho High School when we sadly found out about the large numbers of students that are homeless. Angela Urquiaga, Homeless Advocate at Rancho High School said, “The homeless students come to school on empty stomachs and the only hot meal they get sometimes is the lunch at school. My goal is to provide a little bit of happiness to these children and their families.”

“We know how great the need is in the Las Vegas Valley" said Wichert "and we feel fortunate to be able to extend a helping hand to our community, especially at this time of year."

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