In the Real Estate world, it has long been the mantra that the three most important factors in Acquiring, Buying, and Selling real estate are 1) Location, 2) Location, and 3) surprise, Location!!! Location has “value” that cannot be upgraded by property improvements; it is inherent in the physical environment, and circumstances, of the subject property. Whether the business, property has “extra” value derived from its location in terms of ease of access, adjacent “anchor stores”, ample parking, thriving economic community, or any of a myriad of features that are important to you (or the real estate market) it is a fact of life – it is real, and can be quantified! So, when looking for a property to establish your business, there are many factors to be evaluated, and (sadly, but realistically) often compromises to be made.


Given your personal parameters of features, location, and price; the optimum (even if not the “dream” or ideal) property is likely to be out there, and just needs to be found!


AND, at every step in the process do NOT limit yourself in your choices and decisions; for example, an anchor store is not the only option. Strip malls, mega-malls, stand-alone buildings, are all options to keep in mind and can all be considered and configured to your requirements!


This is the good news, because Discount Retail Store Services (DRSS) can and will help you with the search for, and acquisition of, your property. DRSS has long-standing relationships with many leasing agents, landlords, and some of the largest shopping center management companies in the country. In many cases, these relationships enable us to secure preferential terms, conditions, and quick results. The DRSS staff is singularly motivated (and highly qualified) to place our clients in the most viable location – at the most competitive lease rates.


Some of key items our site locators look for are close proximity to an anchor store (e.g. Wal-Mart, Target, Large Grocery store), safe distance from any competitors and

demographic studies (e.g. amount of traffic/day, median income levels, foot traffic/day) among other important considerations to minimize risks associated with starting a new business. Our experience of having setup thousands of businesses will always be at your fingertip


Site Location and Lease Negotiation are only two of the several valuable and important services that we at DRSS can provide to our clients, and these services address parts of the process where you may have little knowledge or expertise! No problem, we do!


Other DRSS services include:

          Financing Assistance,

          Complete Build Out of the Store,

          Access to our Wholesale Merchandise Network,

          Comprehensive Business Training,

          On-going Support for the Lifetime of the Store.


When thinking about what and where your business will be,

Consider all options (do not “limit” your ideas and vision),

use your imagination, be creative;


Factors to be considered (not intended to be “limited” to just this list):


Size – Sq Ft, Ease of Access, Customer Traffic, Ample Parking, PRICE, Community,          Anchor Store(s), Visibility, Proximity and Attractiveness.   


D R S S is able to help and support you in establishing, evaluating, and prioritizing your desired features in your business property. DRSS will also be there as you work with a trusted realtor to find the property and negotiate terms. DRSS will then help with planning of Build-Out, and then staffing and stocking of your store. AND, is then committed to supporting you during the life and growth of your business!


Here are some of the materials that our Location Team would develop to assist you in evaluating and assessing the proposed location, to determine the most viable location and optimum terms for that location.

There are lot dimensions, building blueprints (if available), maps, brochures, aerial as well as comprehensive interior and exterior photographs, “comps” (comparative (similar) properties and their recent selling or renting price, demographics of the location and surrounding community, vehicular and foot-traffic patterns and volumes, as well as other statistics that would be valuable in assessing the merit of the property. This would result in you and the Location Team being fully informed of the characteristics of each property location!

For more information, see our website at: HTTP://DRSS-BUSINESS.COM/


Or grab your phone now, and call us at: 1 (800) 518-3064.






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