Engagement, a word often associated with matrimony. But engagement is a year-round
endeavor for small business owners. This engagement should always peak during any holiday
Every aspect of engagement is key for small businesses; social media, local advertising,
encouraging customers to give your business YELP reviews, and radio.
Customer service that is second to none will always ensure repeat customers and word of
Avoid the common complaints of too many customers, not enough employees, and long lines.
Discount Retail Store Services,(DRSS,) North America's largest developer of Dollar Stores,
Party Stores, and Mailbox Stores and Business Centers opened our first Dollar Store in Las
Vegas, NV in 1993. Using our all-in- one, 100% turnkey business concept, we have gone on to
help over 4,000 thriving small business owners achieve success.
We at DRSS begin by obtaining your financing, site location of your store, build out of your
store, the best small business training available with ongoing support, and a top hands-on
merchandising team that selects the highest quality items for your business at the lowest cost
possible to you.
We at DRSS want to aid you in launching your small business, continue to help it prosper even
past your time of ownership. Your small business should be a lasting legacy and thoughtful
planning on your end makes that happen.
Call DRSS today and join our family of over 4,000 independent small business owners.
Call DRSS at 1-800- 518-4064
or visit https://drss-business.com/

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