In a move that will affect more than 16,000 employees, Walmart will close 269 stores by the end of the month. As to the impacted employees, the company claimed it would "take all appropriate steps to ensure they are treated well."

Among the closed stores is the entire division of Walmart Express, 102 small stores.

Okay, so. People will be put out of work, or maybe they'll be fortunate enough to just have a longer commute. Maybe your neighborhood store will be gone. But what does the closing of all those Walmart stores offer as an opportunity?

It's an opening for neighborhoods to take back their storefronts. It's a pullback of the Walmart dominated retail landscape, to a place where regular people own and operate stores that serve the community.

It's a chance to have a life where your employment is no longer at the whim of a corporate boss who decides that your store goes away.

Contrary to the economically panicked view, a significant Walmart closing does not predict a long term trend of consumers being less interested in purchasing retail products.

People will keep buying. And it doesn't have to be Walmart that's selling to them. Walmart closings are an opportunity for people to open the stores they want in their neighborhoods.

Discount Retail Store Services is ready to help bring your vision of your store to reality, quickly and efficiently. The 3500 stores that DRSS has opened since 1994 attest to this.

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