According to, buying teams are shrinking and will even more so in 2018. The reason isn't small businesses need for one, it’s due to cost. The price of a buying team has continued to rise over the past several years and small business owners are feeling the squeeze to their budgets.

A “buying team,” is hired to select merchandise for small business owners to save them time and money. But as the costs continue to climb to hire these professional teams; small business owners are being forced to take this important task upon themselves. was recently quoted saying, "Facing that, the entrepreneurs who succeed will be the ones who are best prepared. The days of 'Let’s have a casual intro meeting' are gone. You have to be tight and ready to play -- describing in detail how you can work with that retailer, what your value proposition is, what your product roadmap is and more.”

As someone ready to start a small business, if that statement sounds overwhelming, it's because it is. That's what makes a small business concept provided by DRSS the most effective way to get your 100% turnkey, individual small business up and running.

Discount Retail Store Services (DRSS) is North America's largest developer of Dollar Stores, Party Stores, and Mailbox Stores and Business Centers provide would be small business owners with everything needed to start and maintain a successful small business; from location of your store, lease negotiation, the top small business training and ongoing support, and the best hands on merchandising network to provide your business the highest quality merchandise at the lowest cost to you.

Join our over 4,000 small business owners who have entrusted us to launch and help their small business continue to thrive.

2018 is right around the corner. Now is the ideal time to call DRSS and become the next success.

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