Dense population, specific retail needs, fast turnover: these are the challenges and opportunities in operating a retail store in an urban environment. Our “Neighborhood Market” format is geared specifically to this customer and setting.

The right Product Mix

Our product mix is built around a core of dollar priced product, providing the excitement of a “one price” dollar store. But we don’t stop there. Catering to the needs of your urban customer, we provide an expanded food and snack category, allowing you to capture the business of both the residents in the area and those working in and around your store. You will be THE outlet providing food, snacks, drinks, basic stationery / office supplies and health and beauty aids needs and household necessities, as well as traditional dollar store products across a broad range of categories. Where possible, we will assist you in adding tobacco products, beer and wine, and even lottery sales to your store ! These expanded categories carry price points above one dollar, allowing you to maximize the sales and profits in your store, while best serving the needs of your customers. In your store package, you will receive inventory at $20 wholesale cost per square foot; your store will be fully stocked and ready for business ! A state of the art POS system is included to record sales and track your inventory for easy re-ordering.

Merchandise Professionals

Our Merchandise Professionals work with you to tailor the initial product mix to the demographics of your area. Once open, we assign a Merchandise Coordinator to continually evaluate your sales with you by category, making recommendations on product and category enhancements and assisting to continue to aid in maximizing your sales and profits.


Your store fixture package includes gondola counters specifically designed to maximize display space and show your product to the best advantage. Every package also includes 2 door “view “ coolers, a single door “view” freezer for microwavable snacks, and a microwave.

The typical “neighborhood market” is generally cluttered, stocked with poor values and overpriced product, and lacks organization and presentation, making it a less-than-pleasant shopping experience. Our “and More” stores are custom fixtured and merchandised, with bright interiors and professional interior signage. The product is placed strategically based on our years of experience in the retail industry. Your customer will shop in a pleasing environment; more importantly, they will find the products that they need and want, as well as many “impulse” buys from the core dollar product. All this will combine to grow your average transaction and enhance sales and profits.

The Right Price

The pricing format of the store allows you to more easily support the rent structures found in urban store locations. The expanded price points and dense population create a great synergy, creating greater sales and profits.

Of course, every store package includes all of the components of our Dollar and Dollar Plus packages, including Financing assistance, Site Location assistance, Lease negotiation assistance, Training, Full buildout of your store including all fixtures and equipment, point of sale system, display coolers, interior signage, an outdoor sign allowance, access to our Merchandise Network (providing negotiated prices on the newest merchandise each and every month), and the best Long Term Support found in our industry. And remember, never any fees or royalties.

Call us today to discuss the details of our “99 CENTS + Neighborhood Market “ turnkey store opportunity, and how it can work for you!

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