A Big Box Dollar Store is the Destination Store for Value Shoppers

The BIG BOX Dollar Store is really a mini-grocery store coupled with an incredible assortment of products from over 40 other departments - each priced at $1. Dollar Store Services’ prices beat even Walmart. Customers will keep coming back to the cheapest grocer in town: you.

A BIG BOX store of up to 30,000 square feet lets you increase selection in each department and add completely new categories, like fresh produce and dairy. The competitive advantage jumps with the inclusion of coolers and freezers, which in turn allow a full range of other perishable staples like eggs, meat, frozen foods and soft drinks. Add to that national brands, bread and bakery goods and ice cream and you have a store that consumers make their shopping destination.

A bigger, destination store with groceries leverages the entire Dollar Store proposition because:

  • The average household shops for groceries twice a week. Once consumers realize that a Dollar Store’s prices are cheaper, those two automatic visits are soon shopping the entire store.
  • Cost of rent per square foot drops as the store is scaled up in size.
  • A destination store - one that shoppers seek out due to lower prices - can be located in a free standing or second generation, less expensive location.
  • The abililty to buy in larger quantities results in lower costs, freight savings and more variety.

Large anchor-store grocery stores often fight to keep larger Dollar Stores out of their shopping centers- simply because they know that they can’t compete with Dollar Store prices.

Dollar Store Services uses the same standards for evaluating large footprint store locations as we use for every location. Traffic studies are still conducted and local demographics verified. Optimal space is sought and, when found, the lease is negotiated to gain every available concession. Free, lifetime training and support remain.

Every BIG BOX dollar store package includes coolers and freezers, point of sale systems, belt style checkouts, security systems, enhanced training, follow up training visits after opening, expanded merchandise categories and much more!

In short, a BIG BOX dollar store brings the potential to dominate the discount shopping scene in your local retail market.

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