Sell our Seven Turn-Key Retail Store Concepts Starting at $69,900...Earn Great Commissions

Discount Retail Store Services, the world’s largest developer of independently owned businesses, would like to introduce you to our proven system that can add a profit-producing dimension to your existing business assortment; over the past 20 years, we have helped nearly 4,000 entrepreneurs realize their dreams of independent retail ownership.

Business brokers have seen it become increasingly difficult to find clients who can afford the $200,000, or more, to start a business of their own. Each month, you invariably connect with entrepreneurs that need an alternative solution; they need a solution that matches their drive and commitment but also fits their ability to finance that dream.

We provide world-class support without the burdensome franchising costs that often overwhelms the new business owner. The simple fact of allowing the entrepreneur to compound our vast experience, our exclusive key-services and the financial savings of independent ownership, results in a greater opportunity for economic success and fiscal stability.

Clients can research their financing and store location options with virtually no risk. We will start for them with a 100% Fully Refundable Deposit of just $500. If we cannot secure the proper funding or we cannot find the proper location for a store, the client can request a full refund of their deposit, No Questions Asked.

About Us

Our business started with the successful dollar store concept, and has grown year after year. In 2013, we are adding the exciting frozen yogurt store concept to our mix; now, an entrepreneur can select from Dollar Stores, Discount Party Stores, Mail Box Stores, Teen Stores, $10 Clothing Stores, Frozen Yogurt Stores or Fitness Centers. Each concept comes as a 100% turn-key package.

We are a trusted member of the Better Business Bureau and are committed to providing all of our clients the highest quality service in every area of business development. If you would like to find out more about us please visit our home page:

What is the cost?

It cost you no money or time to partner with us! When you have a client that may be interested in one of our seven concepts, just send us their information and our staff will take care of everything. You invest only the time it takes to type their information and send an email. That’s it! When they open their store you will receive a commission based on the concept and square-foot size of their business.

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Great! We need quality business brokers just like you!Simply fill in the quick form and become part of our system.

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