Retail Site Location and Analysis

Finding the right location and getting good lease terms are perhaps the most important factors to starting a small business. Our staff of real estate professionals works their long-standing relationships with leasing agents, landlords, and some of the country’s largest shopping center management companies in order to secure the best spaces and most beneficial leases possible for our clients.

Our in-house Real Estate staff is comprised of over 25 team members and includes Commercial Brokers, Licensed Real Estate professionals and paralegals. They use their connections and experience to thoroughly review each lease and have the language in them adjusted in ways that are favorable to our clients. Our Real Estate department has licensed brokers in all 50 states to ensure each lease complies with every state’s specific requirements. Our preference is to negotiate several leases at once, maximizing leverage and giving us the best chance to find the most advantageous lease.

We work with independent brokers, but we do not allow them to make critical location and lease decisions for our clients. Independent brokers do not have knowledge of our client needs and are mostly focused on showing their own listings to get commission. Our staff at DSS is solely focused on placing our clients in the best site under the best lease terms possible.

Real Estate Site Location
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Lease Negotiation

Once we find a viable site, our Leasing Manager negotiates with the landlord or agent on 17 key provisions that we feel are most important to client success. They include the obvious ones (rent, free rent, lease terms) plus ADA compliances, dark clauses (providing protection if an anchor store leaves the center) and relocation clauses (forbidding landlords from moving your store without consent). Proper lease negotiation and review can save a tenant tens of thousands of dollars. Our leasing managers have vast experience in lease review, evaluation and negotiation thanks to opening more than 200 retail stores per year. Clients remain in constant contact with their Leasing Managers so they can understand and be in full agreement with each term of the lease. Once the lease has been thoroughly reviewed and approved by our Director of Real Estate, Leasing Manager, and the client themselves, it is ready for signature.

EZ-Track Real Estate Portal

Our clients gain access to a custom information portal, allowing them to get a comprehensive overview of their project with instant updates, real estate site research and communication channels with the entire Real Estate Department.

Key Features

  • Listing of viable, targeted Real Estate sites in your area
  • Detailed research on each site
  • Activity feed displays all notes and events related to your project
  • Leave messages which can instantly be viewed by your DSS team.
  • Listing of important documents related to your project.
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