Retail Store Build Out and Design

Retail store development is complicated. Getting a store built and stocked in time for opening is a daunting task. That's why every DSS client has their store prepared by our professional Build-Out Supervisors, full-time DSS employees that can guide your experienced build-out team to get the store ready on time. They work from our prepared 75-item checklist to ensure everything is built and prepared for your grand opening.

DSS store fixture packages are designed to create an upscale look for your store. They typically include steel framed gondolas, slat walls for interiors, checkout units with impulse product displays, specialty display units, shopping carts or baskets, cash registers with optional Point of Sale system, various merchandise racks, and more. Owners get an allowance for an exterior sign. They get a custom installed stereo system to give their store an inviting atmosphere. Our interior sign package is extensive, covering perimeter walls, hanging banners, and end cap and side counter signage. Everything combines to give your retail store that clean, professional look. You are selling discount items, not a discount retail experience.

The Build-Out Supervisor handles everything. The Supervisor and their crew make all installations necessary; they unload the trucks, mount the signs, stock the shelves and set up the computers. We encourage owners to take part in this process because the Supervisor will be able to continue their training with demos on stocking, processing wholesale merchandise shipments, and POS integration. They can also answer any last minute questions. Once the build-out is complete, the store is ready for business.

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