Retail Store Build Out and Design

The Dollar Store Services Operations Department works from a 75-item, comprehensive checklist when opening retail stores. We work with our clients closely while ordering fixtures, supplies, equipment, signage and initial wholesale merchandise to make sure your dollar store is opened on time.

The fixtures utilized by Dollar Store Services create a beautiful presentation for your merchandise. We supply steel framed gondolas with pegboard backing and beautiful cash counters. We can provide specialty units and glass displays. We provide the interior store signs, an extensive package that includes wall perimeter signage, overhead banners for every day and season, and coordinated end cap and side counter point-of-purchase signage.

One of our professional Build-Out Supervisors will travel to your store to coordinate the build-out crew we provide. They will install all fixtures and stock the merchandise. Owners are encouraged to be available at this time because the supervisor will be demonstrating various stocking techniques, setting up cash resisters, and educating them on freight processing. On the last day of build-out, the store is ready to open.

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